These are things to be done while a physician is being sent for.
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tumors, by uterine catarrh, peritonitis, etc. He could
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Hypochlorite Treatment of Water Supplies. Reprint 261, Public Health
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jecting out of the apparatus. With a relative humidity of 40 to 50 per
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served. But in questions of ordinai'y right and wrong-
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temperature, 50° to 56° C, when exposed for a period of twenty min-
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these cases.. In the first case, if there had not been the stenosis
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covered in urine which has emanated from perfectly sound
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pe, the second pair of nerves taken from a subject which had died
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only obtainable in cases where the kidneys are alone at fault.
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antopsy gave : tuberculosis of lungs (chronic), tuber-
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rific anodyne with the first dose. This produced no apparent effect
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\i the time the above was written 1 had no experience of
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mechanical, and sometimes (? always) electrical and
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areas of protoplasm, as nuclei, as concerned in the formation of spores, and
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many practical suggestions were promptly carried out.
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verates with peculiar emphasis that the root alone is
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drugged for twenty years for a violent morning headache that
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seeking treatment for routine illness and injury at hospitals,
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quitoes. For over five months a battalion of soldiers was pro-
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Case I. — Miss B , a young lady, aged 19, recently from the
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From these tables, which are founded on totals which are in
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tremors, partial sweats over the body, and great exhaustion.
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become such an ordinary, every-day surgical procedure, that the writer
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been in the treatment of wounds, especially those produced during
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nature of the virus. Chancres exactly corresponding in their characters
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uuses. It stays there during the winter and spring, often
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Having thus disposed of the subject of conduction, Dr. A. gives
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21 beds, $14 weekly. Dr. Howard D. Kemp, Ph3'sician-in-Charge.
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differed from the first group only in that they were clearly focaUzed
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colorless. The researches are sml being carried on with
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clusive of these, 6 cadets died in different parts of the United States,
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one day he fell overboard, got a severe fright, and when rescued com-
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sedative solution, was given. After this time, Mrs. M. simply tried
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taking the photographs. We think, too, the editor might have given