of the sternocleidomastoid ; the subdavian, above the clavicle, between

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symptom until fatal coma supervened. Both were trephined,

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presume the disease was not of that character. Within a few years after

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I>r. John P. Bacheldor, President Couors— Dr. John M*Call,

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Dr. Eugene Gates, Two Rivers; vice-president, Dr. James Burke, Manitowoc;

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not be weak or paralyzed ; if so, the accident may take place even during a

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fractures are sometimes found on the heads of new-born children (p. 940). These

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admission to the General Hospital on February 14, 1898. She then complained

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with it. We shall also often be able to judge of the amount

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nella camera del vitreo. Ann. di ottal., Pa via, 1897, xxvi,

ointment that contains miconazole clotrimazole or terbinafine

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one side at a time, and tucked under the opposite side. Some blankets or

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it comes from the hovel or palace — you " wipe away the orphan's tear

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a bird brought me a bulletin, and twice a week I visited the

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disease with which T am familiar. Yet, however, there was

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used in the latter stages of the treatment as a local application. Dr. Parrish

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manhood, and is rare after middle age. The immediate source of con-

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gether original in de„Vn B ,JfL-. e I barbarous ^ws should be repealed which con

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1; cancer, 3; cholera infantum, 4; consumption, 22; convulsions, 2; croup, 1; debility,

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that alternative procedures give better results to the mother,

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with pulmonary gangrene. After the sternum is removed, if the nozzle

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of the payments made to the lawyer and the Doctor, maintain-

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seek advice before the disease has markedly advanced. Under these

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replaced by a sense of warmth of both legs, chiefly of the paralysed

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fluence was produced by weak sensations in the digestive

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nodules identical in character with the original lesions. These were

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bers of the State Society. The subjects chosen for in-

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its application, drying with sufficient rapidity, removable without difficulty,

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repeated every two hours or at longer intervals, according to the

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membrane may develop with intense inflammation, cervical adenitis, and

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most hardened. When fully loaded wath all beds occupied, the capacity

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Of all the results of puerperal septic infection pelvic

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is now affixed to the tube from the chamber which makes the

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^* A few words are necessary in regard to the razor. (The Star

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. seemed to be most effective in allaying the inflammation.

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cells and muscular fibres, though probably nearly universal, is

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maintained until at 49 weeks he weighs 17 lbs.; has cut

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was 21 per cent, after the first feeding and 65 per cent, after the

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Rules for preserving Health, chiefly depend on maintaining such

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above group), have invariably given negative results. This source

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well developed. In tlie male subject it attained to an un-

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greatly under obligation to Prof. Da Costa for call-

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64. Also: Rev. med. da I'est, Nancy, 1892, xxiv. 271-275.—

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title is not particularly illuminating but the paper