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every hour or two hours, according to the severity of the manifesta-

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3. Diet. — The adaptation of a proper diet to anaemia is not a diffi-

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involving the other salivary glands and causing marked disfigurement ;

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Murphy claims that nature cures consumption by a deposit

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the present level of sobriety. The decline in mortality dire<'tly or

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energetic reaction in the skin. Breitenstein concludes that the

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hand, or upon the res]ionsibility of any four members of the Col-

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moderate diarrhea appears. During the second week of the affection

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troubles. The centrifuge is a great help in microscopic work,

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the dilatation of the cutaneous vessels and justly inspires the patient

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mucus and blood. For the next four or five days the stools are scanty,

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I he protein ratio in these cases should contain from about 12 to 15

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The nervous system presents no gross lesions, if we except menin-

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, a judicious taxing officer

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at once in the care of the experienced surgeon skilled in thyroid

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12mo. of 24:0 pages, illustrated. Philadelphia and London:

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arranged to operate on the coming Saturday. About the time

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revive a man dying of thirst by unlimited amount of water internally?

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is a fitting monument to the country and to the great men who

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that has no special significance, and it is possible for the kidneys to

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When the cutaneous surface has thus been daily disciplined and

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from which we may gather inspiration for reform, which

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secretion. Katabolism is the process of forming products of

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nation consistent with my belief of the cause of the disease,

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in this view by the results of his experiments with antistreptococcus serum.

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berry. Its chemical composition is as follows : Water, 90.9 ;

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simple.* Such a bath may be improvised out of a clothes line, a

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about this time. He is best remembered to-day as the intro-

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however, must ever aim to associate the clinical symptoms with the