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the interior of the tunnel, and healing is hastened. — Charles Bennett.

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oil. the taste of which it disguises very polypi, chiefly sessile. On section the

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ing the renal plexus, as irritation from eccentric or distant sources may

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sections giving the appearance of a net-work of trabecula.

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2. Tubercle affects the bladder but rarely, and is then almost invariably

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that state which has been called homicidal mania, in which there were no pre-

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* Indies on FuncUoaftl NervouB Disorders, London. 1870, p. 20.

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Detroit'M. & Libi-. Ass., 1879, 8-11. — 8nell (S ) A case

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ful when pressed. It was considered to be a hernia, and in a

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end of the tubes by the abdominal or vaginal route, the latter

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the cerebro- spinal epidemic it was but little elevated above

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ually deodorized after washing with a 0.3 per cent,

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Eighth Session, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, August

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splashing of the water horn the basin below, and would

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tion, first by repeated enemas and subsequently by laxatives. The diet

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of Philadelphia, Pa. ; second vice-chairman of the committee of revis-

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criminated from beginning phthisis. If the temperature is elevated from

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long lateral spinal curve, the low shoulder, the high

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the incapacity and negligence of these midwives. Dr. Lewi

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the trachea, or one of tlie big bronchi, but it is haemorrhage from

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from each other and then contract, forming small iso-

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effect ia cynanche tonsillaris. The great morbid sensibility of

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for Lyte himself or not, I am unable to state. I should say they were

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were just as guilty. Greedy health-care providers needed

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must be ascertained by careful questioning and by a

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three inches long, two inches broad, an inch thick,

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child is put to the breast. The use of the rubber nipples and shields

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guished from each other. The first will require only a passing

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occurred at approximately 64 mg/kg and was reversible with cessation of

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cially as we had to contend with a great many syphi-

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