ous modes of treatment. If the free use of stimulants, in the
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easiness. Percussion quite dull over the right side of the chest
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I must not omit to arknowlodne, in the first place, the distinguish-
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aired with particular care ? If he finds he cannot fall asleep, the first thing he does
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PoTASSii NiTBAS. Potassium Nitrate. KNO3 (U.S. <feB.P.)
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means are faithfully and persistently pursued, and the neuralgia not
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Hydrastis is exhibited empirically (probably as a local
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failure of heart and respiration, and post mortem evidences,
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leads to contraction of the vessels in the inflamed pleura
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non-development in the horse and ruminant, by reason of
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Nov. 17th, five weeks after, the patient came to Boston on ac-
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the surface ; fracture flattish, conchoidal, of a waxy lustre,
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acid contains 6 per cent., by weight, of absolute acetic acid. Spec gr.
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M. Gallard has recently undertaken a series of investigations on
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poisonous quantities, and possibly in medicinal doses. In
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would take one observer a thousand years to investigate. It may here be
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collapse ; and in heart weakness or disease (digitalis and
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had been generally good, but that since the birth of her youngest
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originating there is most readily heard, it cannot be detected even in
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Dr. Hodges said he had not seen in any of the cases of recovery
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Sw., dr. li-3 (cc. 6.-12.). D., m. 15-45 (cc. 1.-3.).
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natural, except over the heads of the carpal bones of the index and
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the femoral vein of a young dog, produced almost instant death ; in two seconds,
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duction was less easily effected. Even after the patient was fully
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On looking over this, I find I have used the words recommend and
agents. The nitrites exert their favorable effect in this
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apothecary, assigning as a reason iiis intention of destroying rats;
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quinia every hour, and ol. terebinth, twenty drops in emulsion every
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Derivation. — Distillation of alcohol with about^ 2 per
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pump ; atropine, ether, and brandy subcutaneously, and
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horses is from one to two pints ; to dogs, from two to fwur
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with numerical returns of sickness to strength from former expeditions,
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that of the American Pharmaceutical Association at Baltimore, on the
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; 11 of the most important facts and principles, omitting altogether those
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E. ; aqua calcaria?, P. G. ; eau (liquor) de chaux, Fr. ; kalkwasser, G.
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order to form insoluble compounds. Vomiting will relieve
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peared in the New York Mi'>li< nl Times. It gives a minute history uf