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the literally endless vista of steps to be taken in the direction of increased knowl-
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Wyoming Medical Society— PO Drawer 4009, Cheyenne
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panied by vomiting, less abundant than it was during the previous stage.> The
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placenta weighed 1 lb. 2 oz., and after its removal the uterus
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to discuss bovine obstetrics, both practically and scientifically.
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ments and concussion. High-calked shoes often cause it. The
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of the fundus or a portion of the corpus uteri; associated with
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that the ergot was capable of committing the ravages
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Sex has, as it seems, no particular influence in regard
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Malformations of the Colon. — These are excessively rare, but they
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"that it once took him months to buy and sell a bale of cotton ;
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years old. Of his five sons, three became physicians.
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turns to the tip, make a circular turn, then ascend by slow spirals