German delegates showed that they held views opposed to
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tive, stimulating, and sedative effects. 4th. Its anti-zymo-
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Dr. Thompson, of Ohio, Chairman of the Committee on
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blood into the cerebrospinal fluid by merely increasing the permeability of the
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vomiting excessively or receiving parenteral fluids. Medication such as digitalis may also in-
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is concerned with the overall total concept of cancer man-
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balance of opinion in favour of the toxic origin of tetany,
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tion, and likewise Vvbat they should do after conception, to
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On the right elbow is a scar which looks like the result of
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There seems to be no doubt that recovery from each attack of pneumonia
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as the average among its predecessors and contain about forty
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to open up the child's abdomen, the distension of which was an
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opportunity for observing its development and progress, throw
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seen in children when the lung is often sponge -like and honeycombed. In
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should be confined to cases of ulcer due to constitutional
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chronic inflammation of the womb, for in all cases of this kind, there
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suffers from it. I think there are some persons who go through life
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Harvard Med. School, Boston — 1874. A. B. (Harv.) 1871; M.
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only complained of the slight pain in the evening when I
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numbers of them come to me in my private consulting-room. I
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Retrocession — Change of an eruption from the surface to the inner parts.