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It has long been known that certain bodies have at the
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prognosis is not necessarily so grave as it is usually supposed to
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prolonged use of the carbonate of ammonia will prove more useful
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belongs the honor of filtering it to some extent from the scum with which
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a solidification of a large part of the right lung which
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excretory tubes, a musculo-glandular organ, the prostate, which
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Patient is the third child, the two previous children being both dead,
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the influence of his great name, misled surgeons for centuries.
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A state^of stubborn neutrality exists between two medical gentle-
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the total number of deaths from diphtheria in a city or town in proportion to
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from the abdominal cavity? Should the snrgeon^be able to isolate the growth
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or an area of about equal degree in regard to erythema and edema."
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doses of T \jj gr. scopolamine ; six doses of ^^ gr. scopolamine. Very
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that we know of the existing work which has been done
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sixth of January; and the extraordinary filthiness of the city has caused much
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cealed by the O side chains, did not confer protection
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vouched (?) for by the statistics. Some of the occupations given are
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e Bulletins do hi s fiek Medicate d'Emulation dc Paris, 18"2v>.