fever and rectal examination is negative. Later, however, she
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to the inconvenience, and to stick to his horse. He did
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blister is best in tendinous or muscular wounds — one part of
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and until the excitement of the circulation has been to some degree
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the circumstances. After taking four doses, the hemorrhage
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of dogs ; and from his time to the present it has had, most de-
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of the glandular organs. These peculiar substances, of new origin,
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principles, should interfere as little as possible with the
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tory reaction following this method of treatment ; on the contrary, the
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caused by rabies the inoculation wound in the head should be healed
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of molecules in unit space), it follows that a semipermeable membrane
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no stimulus. Ignorance and indifference have no quickening
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creased but an understanding of the underlying conditions makes
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low cancer. This classification is classic. It is the one that dis-
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was not confined to large cities, or even crowded tenement districts, but
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others. There is one point I did not understand Dr.
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are called upon to treat are more diversified in phenomena ;
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of venereal disease, 2018 cases of alcoholism, 1805 cases of fever
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dangerous to steam ! And Dr. Curtis may still think
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of the five died. Among the features he described were headache, nose
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in descending the pelvis, while at the same time indicating the
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of the eighth month, when she caught cold and suffered from an
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been given the name of bullous or pemphigoid varicella, a variety which,
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common form, however, occurs at about the age of forty
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Differential Diagnosis . — Spirochaetal j aundice differs from the
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planted into its tissues. In mammals the effects are most striking in
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Notwithstanding its military title, the book should
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doing further harm. We are not sure of this in any place oysters may be
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Take senna leaves 3 ounces ; licorice root 3 ounces ;
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That given by Ambrose Pare in the preface to the book Des Playes faites
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in 1913, and a thirty-five years" (1871-1905) average of 4.220
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