A. & Mesnil, F. Trypanosomes and trypanosomiases. 1907.

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not produce on the part of the body any of the reactions that injected

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forceps. The boy had fever but did not appear very sick. Cover-slip

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it seemed after working at it a while that it was in-

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Gyhec d' ObstH., January, 1896,) relates a somewhat desperate case brought

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Still, it should be remembered, that all these causes and complications

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a table or holding a chair, for at least a quarter of an hour three

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iron. It is followed by steady increase in the quantity of urine, with a corres-

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endeavoring to reach all parts of the cavity. Compresses wet with

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toms that often become alarming, and that it can not be performed

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Medical Society living in Boston (the city proper), East

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with an attack. The application of croton oil, tartarised antimony,

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could cure me and now I am sure of it." As this case was rapidly improving when I last

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A review of these cases shows that in subacute chorea there is hypersemia

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“cognitive modification.” Feuerstein is a rebel who rarely

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about three-fourths grown at the beginning of the experiment. April 1, 1918 :

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with intervals of absolutely negative interest, down

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to draw up or frame an amendment to our law, which would be

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which this emperor attempted in vain to arrest by his laws against celibacy,

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more or less distant pares ; arousing increased activity in organs whose circula-

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ant should occasionally sponge her head with cold water. When

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C.\sE III. — W. W. , twelve years of age. He states

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tomycin and sulfadiazine. It has been of interest to

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mastoid process. The apex of the flap was two inches from the

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permission to leave for Hanover, and was obliged to run away. As

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in a natural parturition, it is said, " The female, at the most

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1st, 1864, ninety-three cases of fever have been received

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that so much information on the subject has been made avail-

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blest of sources; believes that there is no experience

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Edinburgh Medical School — Monro's lectures — Bell's " System of Surgery " — Royal

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lip, close to the angle, half an inch below its vermilion border, from

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Ligation across the sulcus above the node produced auriculoventricular rhythm

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wall. We all have cases where we are unable to make a satisfactory