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methods. Gwyn and Cole have isolated B. aerogenes capsulatus from the

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Jarowski, Charles Ignatius, Jr. Clinical Assistant Professor

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tion of Antyllus, to which Hunter objected, are quite different

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the natural derivatives of hemoglobin. Blood, The Journal of

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of course, lies on the diaphragm, suspended, however, a little by its base,

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Infantile Jaundice from Congenital Narrowing of Common Bile-Duct, Fatal

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arteries occurring in old people, and which, he said, was one of those highly

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Patient is the third child, the two previous children being both dead,

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Tuberculosis in Children. — In an article on this disease in

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Case 16. — Arrest of Tuberculous Deposit^ the Recovery not complete ;

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pure fresh air; avoidance of stimulants; restraint of the sexual