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opening of the pylorus, or a little later, a brisk out-

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cians to the fact that, important and indispensable as laboratory aids to

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Resolved. That the executive secretary transmit a copy

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plicated with exophthalmic goitre, one in a tertio-

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Ai'tcvial Hypcrtonns, Sclerosis and Blood Pressure.

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has decided value in probably excluding this disease.

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In four cases uterine hemorrhages ceased under treatment In general,

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heart-action or breathlessness develop. In skin-diseases good results

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where he stayed two months, and was discharged with the diagnosis of

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of Wenreuchen, reports an epidemic of cowpox. The disease first appeared

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evidently no reason for the result either in the fluid or the method. A smart

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is artificially maintained there is finally loss of heart-power, with paral-

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was referred with a diagnosis of glaucoma, asking that an

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of 14.10 for the corresponding week in 1909. The annual

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containing the bacillus coli communis begin to become cloudy, while

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rhage and died. Death occurred about six weeks after

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low the surface to the horrors, the drink, the dis-

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antisyphilitic treatment instituted with the result

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Physician, Physician in Charge of the Electrical Depart-

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waste. It is likely that a proper lack of muscular support to the limbs

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of the cases collected throw little light upon the cause of the disease.

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soldiers were treated in tents or when possible were

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the further development of the obligate proteolytic

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8. When the adhesions are extensive the best operation is coeliotomy with

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fractures. The position of fracture is entirely independent of the rela-

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admitted to the pharmacopoeias. Recently Kiliani has presented a gluco-

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tuberculosis was an setiological factor of these tu-

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velop shave the skin and apply twenty-five per cent,

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limit, and in consequence of this blunder the utility

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November 18th, he was given an injection of 1/50 grain

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The Medical Society of the County of Otsego, N. Y.,

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frequently associated with pulmonary phthisis, will

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steps be taken to .stop the spread of tuberculosis ir. Cuba.

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The diagnosis, as given in a clinical lecture, was malignant disease,

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local immunizing effect ; it produces no constitutional immunity, as evidenced