may be a decrease in temperature that is noticed. A cold state

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most of which is summed up in the following paragraph Sani

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before the fourth day may require beef tea in the second stage and

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that the doctor in the tropics had vaccinated his own son

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already stated the most serious objection was danger of

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that presuming the virulence of the disease to have been

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tor applies his feet while his hands are free to perform other work.

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small lower lobe consisted of a sac containing omentum which was

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ministered and the urine should always be kept acid.

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On motieaof Dr. Bowdsich of Mass. it was jBsm m That the

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contrary instead of these local and general means of adding to

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six to eight weeks. Multiple pyemic abscesses are practi

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died in one week while in one year no less than died in

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Chloroform was the only anaesthetic agent used and no ul

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dysentery is a veiy common affection and in the European as well as

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rejected as unfit for vaccination and they include all the postponed

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small beadlike and warty exudations thrown out in endocarditis

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nails glass etc. the heat of the hoof will show the injured

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causes inspiratory depression of the epigastrium. General

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me to ascertain the nature of the injury and the exact

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It s economical less expensive than all other leading KCI slow release

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Dr. Kelly had examined the instrument and had been sur

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communication exists in the ganglions between the lymphatics and

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handles without the intervention of a shank it has the cephalic curve but

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the bile with decomposition subsequent inflammation and suppu

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our saintly Milburn the blind Chaplain women and obstetric surgery

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a defect as that of vision for which we have an objective

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morning. The same source of error to which attention was called in the

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series of rapid convulsions and in three hours died.

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not covered in any scheme for health insurance to the

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sided give gentle exercise and soft food for a few days.

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