be left around in sight of the patient, but are to be carried away as soon
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from the degree of levorotation which the urine exhibits after fermentation
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Freckles are usually a slight disfiguration of the skin. They are
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Blackberry root is also a vegetable astringent which enjoys con-
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other hand the diaphragm cannot force down, as under ordinary con-
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many other situations. These vessels absorb liquid material from the
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•pounds have been j^roved to be possessed of febrifuge ]:)roperties they
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The sclerotic makes up about five-sixths of the external surface of
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public addresses. This accomplishment, added to his
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changes in the connective tissue may be detected. This is sometimes well
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plicable. We so often observe organic affections (involving the heart,
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heavy. Near the approach of spring the shedding process occurs
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and absorption because of the excessive and violent peristalsis, and
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with it. The adrenal generally exists independent of the absence of the
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be expelled by vomiting, and antidotes in these cases will not always
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in its pathology from both rheumatism and gout was vigorously up-
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experience has taught the thoughtful in every age, which it is advan-
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The chief of these was bleeding. Sydenham wrote in 1666, that " the
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neath the skin and it is owing to this fact that medicines injected
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Hippocrates: Aphorisms, ii., 44, and v., 46. De salubri diaeta, iv.
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We must consider this interesting subject in a general manner
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among the three, one may rotate the triangle, and it matters little which
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' Traiti Clin, et Prat.- des Maladies des EnfanUy Paris, 1854.
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In chronic alcoholism there are often muscular atrophies affect-
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tended period and to corresjiond with the patient's strength, being
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waters above mentioned produce very little effect upon old uratic
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to be related with gout. The English authors, with their large ex- •
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increased production of heat. Its curing hyperpyrexia is no proof
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a fluid and somewhat feeble preparation, may be used as an an-
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upper lid can be everted by lifting and turning it over the end of a
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From an engraving in tlic .Imeriajit Medical am/ Philosophical Register,
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side resort is under all circumstances to be preferred. The more the
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of potassiimi b added until the liquid remains faintly tinted. Some urine b
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continued hyperacidity of the secretions, can result from such an
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excreted, arrested the formation of urea from these and other protein fractions,
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Second, that the temperature of hyperpyrexia may occur, as it
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accident or due to an intent to harm. Such substances are cantharides,
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