shows no evidence of a previous separation. The mus-
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stasis of the uterus was effected. He showed the practicabiHty of
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important. As the chest expands, the backward pressure is partly
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between 1949 and 1967, 1.2 percent were caused by benign
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amyl nitrite are associated with dilatation of the heart and vessels, a fall
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1892; C. Y. Ranch, on Big Muddy, July 23, 1894 (No. 599).
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so-called paralytic ileus, or obstruction due to paralysis of the
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The Curability of Epilepsy and Epileptoid Affections by Gal-
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some convalescents with torpid bowels, who had gone several days
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D., Prof, of Mineralogy and Geology ; day, April 2d, and continued every Friday
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toms of diabetes of a few months' duration. The day before entry he suddenly
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under illness so long as human beings. Brutes do not
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mountain. In the evening they were taken through Chinatown.
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tains of this important amino acid may be sufficient for maintenance
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some were nearly blind and deaf with the sequelae. Those
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left Bpez, no lAlea; abdomen rounded and fairly firm and resistant; tendemeBS
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15 days at Marino, Killiney, Co. Dublin. The maximum in
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solidation of the right lower lobe. His temperature rose to 105 F,
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the arterial blood pressure than one or the other alone. It is
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gaining the advantage of retaining the full strength of the ingre-
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steamships, etc. In thoroughly ventilated rooms a temperature
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faculties can be made use of in the course of instruction, and
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was injected intramuscularly, as it has been found in similar experi-
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hand. The only vessels in danger in this operation are the radial and deep
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Blood, second examination, freezes at — 0.72° C.
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tional vitamin K-dependent plasma proteins. Two were
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that it is functioning in a world in social revolu-
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Occupational Medicine component to practice. Beautiful
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tincture. Digitalone seems decidedly less, painful and fairly active, but
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decomposed by this salt and by alkalies generally. It is
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slightly elongated, tapered at one extremity, with granular proto-