Fig. 27 (T. G. Family).— P. T., the maternal grandfather of Pellagrin 198,
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tliat tlie other tissues of the eye were unafl'ected, and the neuro-retinitis
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So a weak heart, inaudible first sound, a change in
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are discovered, we should remove them with a pair of forceps, being
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Neusser, who has so thoroughly studied the skin changes in pellagra,
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II. deals with the subjects of Alimentation, Digestion, and
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complete interruption of a motor nerve, and increases rapidly from
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the rule. We find in medical literature many formulas
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ferently by different authorities ; the following may be looked upon
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and covered with muslin). Hot applications to the joints are some-
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treatises especially on the subjects of meteorology
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This little hrocJmre is evidently the outcome of the recent leprosy
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a ligature is applied during life the skin on each side becomes much swollen,
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for the occurrence of eclampsia of dangerous character,
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198 indicate this. No. 77 and probably Nos. 93 and 159 (for the amnion is
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culatory Organs; Respiratory Organs; ('.astro-intestinal Tract. With sixty-two
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cases without jaundice might be classified as representing an in-
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tumor, exerting leverage upon the side, thus causing it to
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until the election of next year. Opinions vary as to the result