ances did not give way from the removal of the local disease, excellent
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authors as ileo-colitis and colitis, as he states that these conditions
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29. " Syphilitic Formative Osteitis, with Report of Cases of Eburnation" —
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which is appropriated to certain selected formula: — which, as we are
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author's writings. He enforces, everywhere, the doctrine
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surfaces that are left adhere in the process of healing,
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appear to have occurred to either M. Hall or Dr. Campbell,
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ther over, nor underdone ; it should be exactly done.
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that will induce surgeons to regard it no longer as an opprobrium
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placed in bed in a prone position, a Sims' catheter intro-
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Its bowels had been habitually constipated, often passing over two,
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ysm, that he is well, any more than he would be in the inter-
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in the absence of signs of a wound of the larynx, may
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tain no clue to the location of the foreign body. The patient now appeared
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8th. That the rectum is part of an aparatus which I call rectal, and
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In the August number of the Western Lancet, Prof. Black-
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tant weight of our standards in ordinary commercial transac-
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changes of the temperature of the surrounding air, like cold-
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sidered worthy of supplanting the poor old liver of the
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carry out the great designs of this body, I must express the appre-
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stricture. On the other hand, if they complain of constipation,
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strong twine opposite each ankle, so as to leave a loop on each
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blistering plasters, and frictions prescribed to effect this object?
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issue to specious sophistry. But our position with regard to the Universi-
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It is too early as yet to give any of the plans of the Com-
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ing for the frequent and copious discharges of urine, before
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Sd. On the connection of Pneumonia with Remittent Fever in the South,
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changes in temperature, or perhaps continuance of somewhat ele-
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ity, when defiled by a co-partnership with the civil power, and the
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ertions ; not that they are incapable, by any means, of extraor-