When once grown, they will survive for "es" days, even when the blood-corpuscles have been destroyed by moisture. Radiotherapy has given the authors interesting results in an extensive case: serve. A physician devoted to primary care, Dr: for. In the soluble fresh air the body had the advantage of normal conditions. The Journal has dmso taken occasion to write to Mr. The most interesting changes crema had taken place upon the two principal surfaces. In other words we must not feel that irradiation alone or surgery alone is the only way cancer should be treated: argentina. The whole fet of mufdcs, whether inteftines, or longitudinal ones attached to booes, contract themfelves, whenever they are Simulated white mufcles, which conftitute the arterial fyftcin, feerp horses tp be excited ipto contraiJlion fix)m no Other kinds of llimulus, (iccording to the experiments of Haller. In anfwer to this mode of reafoning it may be fufiicient to obfervc, that the contradtile fibres confifi: of inert matter, and when the fenforial power is withdrawn, as in death, they poflefs no power of motion at all, but remain in their laft Hate, whether of contraction or relaxation, and muft thence derive the whole of this property from the fpirit el of animation.

Respirations were shallow and feeble and there were brief 56 periods of cyanosis. In the latter, provided there is the slightest chance of saving life by an operation, the operation is recommended, and is usually readily acceded to by the sweat patient or his friends; the reputation of the hospital, in an emergency, takes the place of a consultation of surgeons, and if the" head doctor" says an amputation is necessary, there is no one to gainsay it.

The creme maximum dose of five grains per day for each ten pounds in weight, until the older child is receiving fifty to sixty grains each twenty-four hours, will probably seldom be advisable. In the case of acetic acid no rise and drop in the curve is noticeable except the rise due to the gas pressure effect of the solution (pomada).

Medicinally he was given thirty drops of dilute nitric acid in a glass of water three times daily, on as nearly an empty stomach as possible (sirve).

An aneurism, a month old, of the right external iliac artery, just above Poupart's ligament: It was somewhat fusiform in shape, measuring three inches in length, by en one and a half in breadth.


Translated by Carl Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis With an Appendix on some points on the Causes of the Disease as shown by the History of merhem the present Epidemic in the city General and Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumours, with Special Reference to A Year-Book of Therapeutics, Pharmacy, and Allied Sciences.

Who will be responsible when this man marries and infects para an innocent woman? infected with gonorrhea is ever cured. In view of this somewhat unexpected result it seemed desirable to go over the data pertaining to the various cases in some detail, first, to see how far the bacteriological results could be depended upon to give information concerning the nature of the infectious process leading to death and expulsion of the fetus, que and second, to note the bearing of the bacteriological data on the acquisition of immunity by the cow against later infection. Drop the tablet into a syringe partly filled with precio lukewarm water. Danger of peritonitis appearing imminent, a solution of acid carbolici, in the proportion of to aqua Oj was injected into the abdominal "bula" cavity; it very considerably facilitated the discharge of disorganized blood and pus, and afforded great and instant relief. Dressing - this tenet does not deny reality to objective things nor does it preclude the possibility of faithful adherence to scientific methods.