This work gives a concise account of the technical procedure
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the University. In addition to the primary subjects, they have
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in St. Peter. From June, 1888, to June, 1889, there were thirty, including only
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pleuritis the pneum0C0CCUS is extremely frequent, occurring as
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(b) Intrapleural: (1) Therapeutic pneumothorax; insufflation
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specified quantity of spirit, for seven days or more,
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1894 to 1900, inclusive. For ten years there have been
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through the soft part, exploration should be the rule, as
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regions of Asia, especially the Delta of the Brahmapootra and
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State and the family. Too often careers in pauperism
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society meetings in England ; witness the following from a notice for a meeting this month :
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of pain or terror, but not the inarticulate laryngeal noise that constitutes
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some, cases of chronic dyspepsia have as their cause a latent and
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I prescribed bromide of potassium in large doses, and in
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greater lengths, I do not discuss the treatment of such
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down, and the solution is then made up to 200 c.c. with water
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patient had been under a course of galvanism, faradism, and massage.
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needs.” Where does the health plan get the right to break
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inches ; or, in other words, an accommodation of ^ (A = |), and a relative
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must be directed to the condition of the central nervous system. For
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and dishonest trade. We now see in every direction, school after school
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been favoured with a copy of a very interesting 'Blue Book'
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and leuc , less do. 5 July, s. r., Smith pessary. 10, easier period; impr. position; S Aloin Strych., bellad. 20, hard r. pess.; much
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affected are frequently anaemic. It is apt to be developed during the pro-
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results of obstipation. However, one of the chief facts
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ism. If large doses should be given, there would be over-
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My experience has not been as good as that of the essayist in one
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(1) Delayed conduction may be temporary as in severe infective dis-