dish with good paste, and fill it with layers (not too close) —
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to-day. He passed a full stream of urine 'duced more children than the American,
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The Salvarsas Treatment of Syphilis in Private Practice, with some Account of
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clover (Melilotus alba) thrived upon' strong alkali soil.
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year. This is particularly true of scarlet fever, diphtheria, measles
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nal, which reflected seriously on the management of
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attacked, but the majority of patients are between fifteen and twenty-five
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nua. and many granular cells in the anterior and lateral
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The remaining glands in the axilla, all of the glands in and under the pec-
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feeble and compressible ; the heart sounds were distinct but very weak ;
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proceeded normally. There was nothing in the history to suggest
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The Phylacteries (of which I have elsewhere given a
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way to the surface, or to escape through some of the natural passages ;
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external jugulars, especially the right, which pulsate synchronously
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formed that fevers of even a putrid kind frequently
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bined in a certain definite manner, produced a highl}'' complex peptide
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conspicuous symptoms, the latter being subject to great variation.
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selves, and are not up square with the others until the fifth year.
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exhibited by his patient. Eully admitting, however, the possi-
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< >f the vapor. I feel it, but it is not (to speak paradoxically) painful — it
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Dr. Bruhl's chapters on the pathological anatomy and pathogeny of
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cient for all cases of albuminuria occurring in chil-
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practical value. The fluid also seemed more toxic than the iodoform
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eorpnseles. But in about one out of four obMrrations first made, some
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subsiding spontaneously, apparently uninfluenced by
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Of the '27 cases exainiiuMl 2)r()l)al)ly a definite pi'oi)orti()n were not
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seam. It is plated inside and outside with nickel. The piston is packed in the double parachute
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actual chorionic villi departed into the maternal circulation.