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thartics or diuretics. Patients often express a sense of marked relief
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country at least there seems to be a great waste of labor in
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edge of the temperature is of value in calling attention to these
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portance, as a careful observation of the body-weight
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series of 48 cases from the latter's clinic in favor of this view.
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able from hernia, examination of the ring per rectum being
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described by MM. Bazin and Hardy, may be enumerated as
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*^ Arrhenius, S., Medd. Kong, vetsakad. Nohelinst., 1908, i.
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where the wall of the chest is perforated. There is not much pain or
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posed of parasitic spores, is the variety caused by Audouin's para-
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have done. But caution is no less necessary in discriminating
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of writers on this subject, that the symptoms of stenosis do not
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which they add the water, and boil till the water has extracted the
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out upon the lining membrane of the nasal cavities, become, from a
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predominate; in the latter glandular perversions and digestive
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convulsions, chiefly at night. He had also mild spasms
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Iioniaiana State Kedlcal Society. — The twenty-second an-
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friend of mine, wiio is admirably (jualiiied to do so,
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median line, and succeeded in dividing the stricture and
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where the disease did not return ; and if recurrence only were
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cause of infantile convulsions. I have been unable to find much atten-
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Symptoms. — The chief symptom consists in a peculiar burning or stabbing
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with complicated statistics and data. Depend on Postgraduate Medicir
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almost, if not quite, impossible, and yet where we have
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as nearly absolute as possible ; while in Cases 3, 6, and 7
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effect out of doors. Various antiquated barbarisms and fooleries
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mediate delivery, and the forceps gives us the control of the labour.
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with Benjamin Franklin for the welfare of the American
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■ Light of the Lesions. By L. Emmett Holt, M. D., of New York. [Re-
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of Death by Chloroform.' The author ; character was destroyed, and it was not
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nrned a verdict that deceased had died from disease, and that death was
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the drill emerges in a faulty position upon the bony sur-
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cue, John Arbuthnott's first step in life was to the University of
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changeable weather is a factor of epidemic prevalence, a view countenanced by the father
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lowers the temperature, and gives a marked elevation
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diseased sheep were introduced into the cultivation vessels
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tions such as tuberculosis, make the diagnosis often
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that in 1900 there were 9958 deaths from whooping cough, a higher
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anesthesia-paralysis of the right arm, which gradually
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the centre of ulceration. Nasal hemorrhages are very
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care. Mrs S , aged 29, was delivered of her fifth child on