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injury, are an indication of fracture of the base of the skull.
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pouches corresponding to ulceration or erosion of its walls. When stenosis
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The datura tatula is by many regarded as more efficacious than the datura
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larged, but the enlargement is due to simjile hyi)era^mia; no structural
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nephritic degeneration, the prognosis becomes unfavorable ; complete sup-
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the patient may be controlled, proper osteopathic treatment will relieve
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carditis from the aortic to the mitral valves and their appendages, or bv
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optic atrophy, myeloid degenerations; and chronic inflammations of
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VV. Capillaries, sn-ollcn, tortuous; at B,1he vessel
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arthritis (of the large joints), pericarditis, ulcerative endocarditis, pycemia, and erysipelas — these are all
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1 Hirsch says: " The amount of mean fluctuation in the mortality from pneumonia is in inverse ratio to
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one of two conditions. There may be a partial dislocation of the con-
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chandise contain the pus or crusts from the small-pox pustules ; how long
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manipulation consists, in the main, of exaggerating the deformity, then
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casts and for this reason have been called mucoid casts. An abnormal
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School makes up a dass each year of only six from the large -number of
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consult the physician with the idea that he has diahetes, but the urinary
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by a congested, anxious countenance, and violent respiration followed by ex-
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is inherited ; the children of the diabetic or gouty are very prone to func-
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3. Eeduction of the fracture will be followed by a return of the
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sac becomes adherent to the surrounding tissues, and therefore is irre-
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great centres, and that, whenever it occurs in other localities, it has been.
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l)redisposing anti-hygienic influences embrace the inij)ortant problem of
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failed to prevent a recurrence of a paroxysm, I have noticed an unusual
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solium is the development of the C. cellulosus from measly pork, the em-
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ing cold. The skin is in distinct, hard folds {" washerwoman's skin ") and
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masses, or irritating substances, or foreign bodies, within the stool. It
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lung substance tears with difficulty. The cut portion is firm, dry, hard,
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by agencies within, so that any cause which leads to the obstruction of
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laryngeal nerves, by tumors, enlarged glands, and thoracic aneurisms, is a
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favorable, statistics showing 75 per cent, of recoveries. The duration in
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To facilitate bacterial studies I shall divide the subject into four
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changes which take place m the tongue and mouth in some of the specific
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curette, the wound packed with gauze, and made to heal from within
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quent suffocative attacks due to spasm may come on. When the growth is
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increase rapidly and soon attain their full size, which varies from that of a pea
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and the head of the fibula, to a point midway between the two malleoli.
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these vesicles have already been described. Occasionally, as the eruption
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cases it prccedes jugular pulsation. Sometimes pulsation is felt in the
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typical range, and in typhus the rise will be sudden and higher. Einally
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they contain sloughy shreds of exudative matter, looking like '^ washed raw
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the normal position of the kidney ; 3d, the tumor can be pressed back into
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even the Peyei'ian patches may present the " shaven-beard"' appearance.
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Treatment. — Non-impacted Intracapsular Fracture. — As this frac-
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that amyloid degeneration of the kidney is taking place. If, upon further
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come on at pretty regular periods in a malarial district, the thermometer
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It is oftenest met with in pyaemia, ]iuerperal fever, scarlatina and (li])h-
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protection for a lifetime. In other cases it is necessary to frequently repeat
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