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The diagnosis of pus in the chest is very difficult in certain cases,

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allowance for the collateral incidents of life. The intel-

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master, to whose researches we owe so much of our knowledge

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lated hernia, whenever or wherever found, and said that if done early, by

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natural process called ripening. But this change goes

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by the light of the purposes for which those rights are

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amputations of limbs through the shafts of bones opening their

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indeed, palaces of learning. They are situated just on the out-

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The hydrochloric acid, therefore, passed at once through the mem-

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evidence of the frightful persistence of these unscrupulous traf-

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son of Walter, granting a rent of six shillings to St.

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two affections differ so little, that in separating* them we would have

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if they contain plaster, the ashes will soon set or harden,

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eral waters of the type referred to. Though none doubt, per-

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Occasionally after cholecystotomy the fistula will not close,

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that physicians, as a rule, did not pay sufficient per-

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The deltoid muscle was considerably smaller than the

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which the older anatomists termed " scapulae alatje."

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that it is now regarded as affording more trustworthy indications for

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strenuously carried out, rather than to the niceties and complexities of his

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mis of which there arose a vas deferens. Below the uterus, there

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recommend raw beef, pork, pepper, etc. This results from mis-

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It has been employed in cases of typhoid fever, pneumonia, phthisis,

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mia. But the case is altogether different when it is a mechanical rather

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has since been persisted in, and she has remained unusually

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" Many students, however, are neither possessed of such works,