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per cmm. Their counts were based on a small number of leu-
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side of the abdomen to the anterior superior spine of the ilium. It
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Any interested subscriber may procure one by applying to the
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The eruption is not profuse ; there is little or no
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hire a space-writer to report bis clinic, and, if possible, his
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sented, especially in the line of reduction of the ra-
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5 p.m. of the same day it was 108°, patient dying at 7 p.m.
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Take senna leaves 3 ounces ; licorice root 3 ounces ;
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Parallelism between physiological, activity and iodine
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poured into these cells. It is nevertheless true that
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tliat a great many cases of Pott's and hip in crhd-
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the inward monitor admonishes them that they are about to out-
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presented himself at the hospital on the 22nd of February last, saying
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to bias judgment in favor of preconceived views, and to set
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per cent has this tuberculosis manifested itself within two years
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ment only was employed, with increase of the quantity of urine. On
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men are disregarded, and the specific nature of gonorrhoea
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relation to those lesions, but the results are contradictory.
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eases of the eye are not uncommon; albuminuric retinitis,
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ness in the throat, and complained of pain occasionally on the right side.
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rheumatism had recently been learned. The most important of
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daily paper, and was expecting a speedy restoration, when
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tem, when debilitated by the long continuance of strumous
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" As to the diseases of quadrupeds, swine have three different
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than the censures which are pronounced against the moie intelligent
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delightful account of a case : "This I have sometimes seen, and
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sulphur and the alkalies. Dr. Garrod in some measure confirms this
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early life, and forms part of a general tubercular infection ;
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from time to time ; my specimen was protected from dryincr in spite of tlie arti-
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lungs of the cattle had become diseased by breathing carbonic acid
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He then went to Edinburgh, and attended a course of lec-
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equation for chlorides and urea, and with curiously satisfactory results
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count of the fluid from the first puncture is not recorded, but the fluid on
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Leutert has further given as a differential sign the character of the pus,
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of injury may take place in this way, and yet no serious consequences ensue ;"'
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bags three feet high in order to obtain protection against shell
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the jaws. An abscess formed, from which a large quantity of pus was