5. bifurcation (Meckel); 6. Ectropia, or Extroversion; 7, its total absence.

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body weighing 6 lbs. 13 oz., measuring in length 19^ in., and lO^lin.

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the administration of strong medicines, or in some other way.

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opium, antimony, aconite, digitalis, and other powerful drugs have

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mencement of the swelling, which had increased during this interval, fluctua-

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was troubled with tonic spasms of the muscles of the extremities, of the neck,

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congestion of the renal vessels and consequent albuminuria.

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and the respiratory murmur was audible, mixed with slight sonorous rale.

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Express,) a man of sedentary habits, and of a nervous irritable temperament,

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into a wild and eager stare; the tongue was now stiff", now played convulsively

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