aggravates the pain and retards recovery. Attention should be given
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19. Canton : London Medical Gazette, 1848, n. s., vi., p. 410.
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fat droplets, and the indistinct or vanished nucleus. Many of tne cells are
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The cause of these manifestations was on the one hand the impos-
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of hemorrhage from the kidneys or below. After soaking in urinfe they lose
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eveu fell. I myself have often seen either no effect or a slight im-
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no longer red, but rather pink or whitish. It is of greater consis-
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this is generally marked before an ounce of the drug has been con-
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life, and slowly progressing without any very evident exciting cause.
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tures induced by cold, just as like symptoms would result from simi-
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ing the kidney directly to the glomeruli (although some of it goes to the
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these extremes lies the truth. It may be safeh' asserted that the liver
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only during the decom])osition of the allmmin of the body, and never
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the body grows less and less until it finally attains a figure below
tors only in the mildest cases. Of course the consideration must be
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Succeeded by Dr. McLane — Dr. Edward Curtis — Dr. Peabody
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renewal, and to the establishment of permanent convalescence. It is
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in objects that he has previously refused to notice. Next follows