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Dr. Jellett referred to a case treated at the Adelaide
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attention: (1) the removal of any effusion that may be present; and (2) the
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reports that there were eighteen deaths from yellow
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forced into operating upon unsound tissues and having to face
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tial man, and I being a young physician, it has been worth quite a lot to me in the
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constipation recurs, give injections of warm water and soap, and
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exudate is of moderate or large size we cannot always obtain the
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remarkable. (Dr. Wilson in Records of Hospital Ship " Minden")
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And if the number of the population from which we start be
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operation had a serious time before the courts, and since that time the man-
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point great dilatation of the ureter and the kidney pelvis. On
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large doses, for several months, for vomiting and diarrhoea, tlie urine being
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tered in such doses as will procure sleep, the result in
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ishing unreasonableness of this statement. One hour
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has created an excessive degree of distrust of drugs in the profession,
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ization of the State society with the county meeting the actual registered attendance of
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Community Medicine, 400 Parnassus Ave, A C9. San Francisco
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Thirtieth Annual Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Health of the
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ed in every possible contortion by the violence of the reflex actions.
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dering haemorrhage probable, the disease cannot be recognized with
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adherent to the uterus. A hard mass was felt on each side of
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hour, until amelioration or change ; against the chronic aspect of
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ated. He suffered from convulsive twitchings with con-
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middle of the first phalanx, is here shown, natural size.
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sible for Dr. Fowler to have made an improper use of
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houses, in the year 1780, when the Emperor Joseph carried Into
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sary, inside kits or carriers may be fitted to the plate-holders, which
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tee (?) that the result would be permanent." The com-
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Owing to a delay in publishing the Transactions of 1882, and an un-
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time, the albuminuria gradually diminished, and disappeared in a month, the patient
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off in the faeces in the form of an excess of lime soap.