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The second annual meeting of the Fifth District Branch was held in

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tion, and is only to be secured by having a suitable head-rest, such as

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in odor ; the tongue red, furred ; the teeth covered with in-

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became more and more abundant each month until normal, and

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care on March 20, 1887. On April 20, the aose of arsenic,

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immediate notice sent him by the Senior Secretary, along

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reward. Dr M'Ewen came to Edinburgh with a great reputation,

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— From the Armen und Krankenfreund, May and June, 1854; a journal edited

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rule, however, is applicable, and the pollen from the male

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pus. The pus is more fluid and more serous than that result-

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Philadelphia, Penn., recommended by Drs. Lusk, Clark, and Truax.

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situations differs, however, very markedly from that of the rest of

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Fig. I. — 'Colonies of Monascus purpureus two weeks old in silage

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rated. Sometimes one side is attacked, and at others

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benefited by iron unless convalescence is retarded. In such cases it is

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restraint as there are patients in the whole country.

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cepted the post of physician to the Emperor Charles

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whose pitiable lot should be, we think, the strongest

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suffering from serious diseases of the brain or mental affection. I

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ment made from a few miles above the Balize to the high landd about

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Foxworthy, late assistant surgeon, 160th Indiana Vol-

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ful engine, subsequently described vividly his impulses to run engine.

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streaked with blood. There was marked tenesmus and abdominal pain. The

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duced differed in marked degree from true smallpox. These differences

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its wards that Laenuec worked and taught. His successor, the

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