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ing over the histories of patients treated by the salicylates,
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There were thought to be certain localities in which the breathing sounds
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The Leucocytes in Malaria— Edward J. Wood, M. D., D. T. M. (Eng.) 128
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It is important to be familiar with the normal periods of the appearance of
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istic and as different for carcinoma and sarcoma, the
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The above description of the topography of the lesion, es-
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of cures obtained by the inquiry is probably too high.
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M. A. Starr has reported ' several such cases of apo-
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were given every four hours, plenty of milk, and a pint of brandy daily. There
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Primary union was to be attempted ; this failing, union
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and deep breathing. Diet should be carefully considered,
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panied witli severe asthma. Slie tried all nostrums recom-
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some other places, in cases of bad burns in the state of
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Dr. Robert Bell, of Glasgow, to be found in'the 73rd volume of
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liush, by whom the importance of the distinction is strongly recog-
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body are not all segmental nor even within small groups of
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atrophy of the gland was to be expected. promptly and satisfactorily to twice the
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necessary to call in the clumsy assistance of some mem-
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ough pharmaceutical education it was well calculated
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The patient on whom this study was carried out is a man of 62
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small in amount, absorption is usually prompt, with little or no dislurlNntr </
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whatever the underlying cause of this hemorrhage, it al-
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had more or less leucorrhoea. Recurrence of catamenia at first irregular, bui
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The Blood. — ^There does not seem to be anything very characteristic in the blood
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convinced, therefore, that the poor should be attended, not by
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Physical signs are few and slight. On jMlpation tenderness is foto
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ety two months before the first session of the House
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atrophy (beefy tongue; smooth, painful tongue), found in
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requires occasionally to refer to particnlar potiiB,
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popular. Nothing can be simpler or less disturbing to
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the anatomy, physiology, and hygiene of infancy and childhood, the dietetics of infancy
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it be quickly done, there is scarcely a necessity for the twitch,
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general tendency toward diminished acidity, which, however, ia inBiwncrd
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