and its results have always agreed admirably with the
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Dr. A. M. Cartledge : The case reported by Dr. Bullock raises a
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management. But he cannot be cured ; he cannot have the dis-
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infected, and its means of communication with the rest of the body.
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of the body. A recent clinical investigation 1 indicates that peptides in a
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Clinical facts show them to be : I. Altered conditions of the blood. 2. An
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formed into a vast vegetatjng surface, of great thickness, the nitrate ceases to be of avail ;
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the indications furnished by the nature and seat of the
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done to you. If the world's people, or even those who accept the religion
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(second paper). Dr. E. N. Whittier, " A Dissecting Mesenteric
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to 13 lbs. or more, according to their size and nature
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so rarely given without being combined with some more power-
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the bladder, and still a very small tongue of a middle
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Pus. This is a white, or yellowish-white, creamy -looking
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difficulty is experienced in demonstrating that the whole thickness of the
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kite would not fly unless it had a string tying it down. It is just so in life.
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points, and how inseparably connected they are. All
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may be the first intimation that the kidneys are involved. The
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which bear a certain resemblance to hysterical convulsions.
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The pathological examination indicated the following:
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chest affections. This association with Cammann was the
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nous earth, see p. 139, thus further increasing the
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prejudice to his art, emulate the example of Prospero
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the following fundamental features: The atrophy develops during
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in their nature and operation to those of other epidemics. The
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of the language it was impossible to obtain a complete
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the question may eventually be answered, it will in some
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2. Ambulances of class i, paragraph 1428. These are marked
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typhoid prostration, under which the patients succumb. Fre-
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lirium, sweating, pulmonary congestion, broncho-pneumonia, wasting and
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spirits. This, how&ver, is to be cautiously observed,
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ated last year, which has now a class of eight, and