pital has been established, it has been haunted by puerperal fever ninety-three
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gastric juice enough hydrochloric acid is added, if nec-
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Combination chemotherapy remains the major current treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. B-cell
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described in other parts of this work {e.g. vol. i. p. 432). Intercurrent
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In case 7, the quantity of urine and the amount of solids, notwith-
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sician to out-patients in the Massachusetts General Hospital,
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and an evening rise to 101° or 102°. Quinine and iron were beins con-
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infective agent is the streptococcus. />. diphtlierkie^ B. fuhercuJo.sJs-. or
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mary tests prove beyond all question that the disease
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sparingly solul^le in Mater and the organic solvents, soluble in
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New Orleans molasses, etc. Treat the same as sore mouth.
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41.2° ; at 4 ft., 43.2°. The one-foot thermometer ranged between
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Adverse Reactions: Adverse etfects considered related to
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portunities for investigation are few and far between ;
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cases of incipient disease, before an assured diagnosis can be made,
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ment as possible; and hence the number of veins to empty
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have seen a number of cases in which Captain W. E. Eeynell has
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by extracting them with boiling 50 per cent alcohol and removing
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the usual processes of disinfection. The patient was
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are almost always paralysed or enfeebled for some hours or even for
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other articles endorsing, and some condemning, the remedy,
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tables, etc., and should at once correct anything that is out of
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it was a hundred ducats with these words in Latin, "I
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eye shows a deep subconjunctival congestion. Photophobia is marked.