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Obstruction of the bowels which hinders the discharge

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1904. He had been in the National Sanitarium for the past five month?.

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tion did not respond to the remedies as formerly, but more tardily.

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(g) All milk handlers must be free from communicable dis-

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cera, unless especial attention is to be paid to cultures from serous cavities.

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must accompany the declaration when signed and returned.

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pears thin and wasted. The epigastrium appears empty,

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Hsemorphage. — Haemorrhage limited to the medulla is comparatively

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fractory period (see page 178). Tracings showing auricular flutter are

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intestinal obstruction — Case 1, caused by a seemingly congenital narrow-

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Edwin O. Geckeler, M.D., F.A.C.S., Clinical Professor and

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DuBose, J. McNeely; Chief Resident in General Surgery

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it will be advisable, as before recommended, to administer bella-

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