is diminished. Galvanic excitability is also diminished ; for example, in the

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E5 did not affect the overall mortality but increased sur-

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found effectual. For the more chronic cases, alum powdered

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Still fewer degenerate into dementia, and these are usually complicated

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not excite serious apprehension, if the invalid is so situated as to be

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stasis. (2) Fright, mental distress and ■worry, business or social cares, unfor-

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ficulties of the problem. This commission will make its first re-

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These organisms may be unable to injure the normal membranes, but

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a purgative. For scalds and burns, linseed oil is mixed

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fortable if, as already suggested, it be buttoned to the waist. This

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aflfections as to preclude the idea of the eflfect being owing to any al-

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what direct effects are to be expected from the med-

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His anxiety deprived him of appetite and sleep, and, during the

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fipss. Rice Paste for Tartlets— Ingredients— 7 oz. of rice, i

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and of this number 28 were accidental, or nearly 7 per cent. Of

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dying sufferer. In such cases we do not annihilate sensibility, but the

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may increase until stupor and coma, or convulsions and de-

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raih'oad injuries. He advocated, as the first principle of success, absolute

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Occasionally paralysis follows a slight head injury as a result

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intestinal involvement. The pain is located prunarily about

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is not yet possessed of an infallibility of judgment and fore-

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ists who are accordingly given credit for the cure.

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pure opaque, chalky-white. When a drachm or two of it is collected

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unduly excites or debilitates the patient. Electrical medication as-

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it as a consequence of suffocation, just as if they

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sessions today and tomorrow will be guided by the best

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examined for tubercle bacilli by the ordinary and antiformin methods,

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this throat is abruptly widened and lengthened so as to make a chamber

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were also observed. At times there was unimportant dislo-