gical knowledge for children and adults of both sexes.

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you need not hesitate to affirm, that purulent infection exists, that is

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It was voted that the Chairman of the Committee on Public

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spond closely with your own, in the pathological con-

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Over the past 30 years, however, there has been a steady

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The " Critical Analyses," however, overshadow in interest and

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(Rallis TM, Kriesel JD, Dumler JS. Wagoner LE, Wright ED. Spruance

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in odor ; the tongue red, furred ; the teeth covered with in-

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Homoeopathic * Pharmacists, * Im^crtar: * and * Publishers.

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dafluition, and hence cannot be used with pi'opriety

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bacteriological work no less than upon clinical experience. In the develop-

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England and America. Before the present war even in Italy kine-

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cians of New Haven are on better terms with each other, than

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it icould he the business of one man's life to confute." —

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and at least an equal time for theperiod of restitution. Chronic

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It is apparent that the largest proportion of cures by antitoxin are to be

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a footnote. In deciding on order, authors should be aware that many

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rank who had honoured me with that degree of favour; but the

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be deceived, and to adopt wrong conclusions even' as to

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On November 16, 1906, she was admitted to the Lakeside

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Ztschr., Berl., v. 33 (2), Feb., pp. 142-143. [W m .j

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more mechanical than chemical, if one may so term it. Another case

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allowing little children to become chilled in the harsh, raw, penetrating

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to hear — the vote in the Assembly being 72 to 2 — that these

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speak too highly of this old-fashioned, rational treatment

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stimulants to the abdomen, as 1st, an ointment composed of equal

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affection, and the remedies being directed to the lungs, invaluable time is lost, and the patient

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now be justified in practical life in acting on the possibility of a

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in the primary projectiles in consequence of the amount of resist-

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The autopsy, two days later, showed the existence of a

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time in their course, associated with irritative phenomena.