Mellitus,’’ Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, 1923.

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in the normal position. A soft, fluctuant mass occupied

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ducing sodium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate. This effect

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()ages. 49 illustrations. Philadelphia, Lea & Feb-

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October, 1947, a 10 per cent disability rating. The

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under its administration the pulse becomes fluctuating, manifestiDg great

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Building for Specialists, Patchogue. Excellent opportunity

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a demonstration of the Dick and Schick tests, giving

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for his touch is light and the humanness of his aj)-

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the patient’s physiologic stability and that the complaint

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and toils of business, prepared and desirous to be pleased. Each one

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There is no occasion for this mortality. Vaccination and revaccination,

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but rather a complicated problem which must be studied

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may be given in small doses of one or two grains dissolved in water^ ev-

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Immediately following delivery the infant should “

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the rights of others, to maintain the dignity and honor of

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the most promment part of the tumor, and a small aperture made io it.

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was held on June 1 , 1932, in the Medical and Dental

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Carnrick, G. W., Co., 411 Canal St., New York City .3

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‘Read before the Chicago Pathological Society, May 10, 19'33.

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mask. I made inquiries of the engineer as to the in-

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in the call, and this did not include measures affecting

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ber 30, 1954, of 4,720,690. Statistical tables follow.

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patient, and since the report was added to the chart

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or the comer of a handkerchief, or other such material, freely wetted with

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private insurance companies, there is a conflict of

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to exert in£rectly, a favorable influence upon the coarse of the disease.

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has agreed to come under the plan, otherwise the local

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opportunit 3 ' to discuss with 3 mu the role of Similac

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The contributors to this number are Doctors Collins,

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