pass a considerable amount of blood with the urine.
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Now the war is over, and the discipline is relaxed; the pressure is
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Hon. Justice Mackay replied for the Governors, and referred
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partial in 1 in 40 ; the tests being carried out seven months after the onset
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This grain is given in quantities of ten pounds daily ; it
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Born near Bologna and educated at its once famous university,
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sium, sodium, iron, magnesium; also quinine, strychnine, citrate
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able to diagnose two-thirds of his cases by spreading the feces
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when he was obliged to give up practice owing to soreness on
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The duties of the latter must be confined to providing
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stimtein bone and joint restorer
The urine is added to Fehling's solution, which takes i dark green colour,
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In the early part of the present year he suffered to an intense degree,
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(c) Stone grinders it is known as Silicosis or Chalcicosis.
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surface. They are probably continuous throughout with each other,
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tion of the eruption. During the continuance of this treatment
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The experience in Boston, as reported by Williams and by Morse, has
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of general symptoms even in the most advanced cases of phthisis.
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pose It is true that, in certain extraordinary cases
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the epithelium of the tubules was distinguished, and the presence of
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search, and of observation, have attempted it, — not merely once or twice,
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mussels, hydatids, septic infections, and antitoxins are familiar to all of
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ence to propriety. Says another master of the art, "The
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fragment. The medulla of the shaft of the humerus was very pulpy,
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lessening the supply of young doctors by creating a
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was not confined to large cities, or even crowded tenement districts, but
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Sectional Secretary — Gibbon FitzGibbon, M.D., F.E. C.P.I.
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clinical picture of splenic anaemia (Banti's disease) ,^ but the present case
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menstrual epochs, of those patches of livid redness which circumscribe some
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