way through the lung. And, about twenty-five years ago, one
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"Our students at the scientific school of Yale University, at the present
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The fourth group consists of certain processes whereby
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the writer's cases. In a series of 186 sputa, 1 from cases unselected except to
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aware of the great changes in the unhealthy districts of the older
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rather to be esteemed pious and fanatical nurses. It
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his feet, conveyed the idea by false word or look that
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Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen, Professor of Experimental Physics, Univer-
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Our study is limited by the use of an audible S 3 , as op-
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in amount, the water and fibrin being increased. Dr. Aldridge holds
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the book is replete, rather than elaborate description, are employed
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sician to out-patients in the Massachusetts General Hospital,
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covery; but to-day we have ventured to hope for an im-
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by injudicious remarks of veterinary surgeons on the
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nesota Public Health Conference since January, 1947.
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intelligence. National Schools of Design, local Athenaeums and
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(C) Reasonable arrangements were made for the transfer
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Cassells for this excellent translation of Professor Politzer's
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wearer ; and half-breathing must be her portion until she discards the
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addition of tar. I have not found the relief from strong sulphur oint-
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mal Industry, and about twenty affected animals were destroyed
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pituitarism rather than hyperpituitarism, for the symptoms are very like
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In the treatment of the third or suppurative stage of cellu-
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of disease, and in this study we are met in the outset by
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istration of doses upon the homoeopathic principle.
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The duties of the latter must be confined to providing
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advances rapidly, with rapidly increasing weakness and de-
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exposed. The few minutes required will necessarily seem a long
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after eight or ten suspensions. The patients could then stand
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paration neither tedious nor troublesome, but which may save
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the factory, the school-house, or in the populous districts of the poor.
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of dirty greenish fluid. Severe headaches. A diagnosis of
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to say, travelled a long way beyond the necessity for defini-
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promptness with which several medical gentlemen have already respond-
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effects of relora and cortisol
to increase the flow of urine. 3. Write a prescription for internal use
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tem and therefore of irritative disease. The reten-