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power for typhoid and colon bacilli, even in the late
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A. Histologic examination of the radiated part of the cerebral cortex (Experi-
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1916. Balentine, Percival L., M.D., Assistant Surgeon, Wills
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tarium. They should not be used until needed, and then used without stint.
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27, whooping-cough 23, scarlet fever 16, cerebro-spinal meningitis
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improvements in the delivery system and its greater ap;
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should show both the lateral and antero-posterior view.
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be used only in the absence of congestive heart failure, sinus brady-
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life of man, and after he had passed the three score and ten years he gave
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creased but an understanding of the underlying conditions makes
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A horse is said to consume in the lungs, in the course of twen-
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open air ; and once daily should have a cold sea-water bath, or a
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from the epidermis of the outer skin. — {Arch. f. Wiss. and
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friendly relations. This was very ably brought out in a toast given at the banquet
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sisting of a membranous sac enclosing minute granules. Beyond
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lassitude, weakness, fatigue, reversible mental depression progressing to catatonia, visu
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were irrigated on June 21st. July 9th, and August 21st and
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cient dosage to produce arthritis in from 4 to 7 days, but not of such
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Pregnancy, Vomiting of, Relieved by Use of the Continuous Current, 101
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them, are, — First, " the chief cause of rupture consists in the
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heat, and that after its application the muscle fails to respond,