from 12 to 30 small greenish flowers followed later in the season by round pur-
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turn fur some days. Th^ cause I attribute to the water
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local anesthesia be performed within a few weeks, if rest and
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before this would have happened in healthy horn. As in
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municated through the membranes from the diseased vertcbr;e. It was found,
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renal echinococci, which form such distinct supei-iicial tumors,
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December 28th, 1893. — S. Marx, M.D. Paper : '' Ac-
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eight to seventy-two hours from the commencement of the delirium.
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-^ The precursory symptoms, in every modificaticm of the disease, are,
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on account of the combinations which it forms with albumen in the bowel.
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oil should be placed on the tongue. He once had the misfortune to see a
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eases," Journal American Climatic Association, 1887.
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much affected. It is probable that the more serious cases of disease
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Creole. — Crowell Line. Constructed of steel. 358 feet
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the pulse was kept down to 100 by the occasional admi-
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Pickett, N. B. (Ilousatonic) ; Small, W. P. ; Whittlesey, F. P.
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jected distally into the bowel for the purpose of removing
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the capillaries, and thus reduces local turgesence. In the treat-
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morning, when you first rise, is advisable. It shakes off sleep, and pro-
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he had traced them back to the kidneys, took them for fibrine,
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a cautious discrimination is always and everywhere necessary in its ad-
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urged them to keep up an interest in the work of the Society
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lar protoplasm. In these preparations there is observed a marked
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blood in its interstices. He said to Dr. Williams, " She must certainly
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not all practice that invariable perseverance and stern energy
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Philippi. While all the Roman camp was wrapped in sleep, there
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attacks of acute disease arising from the same cause are the
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its containing wall there was a definite lacuna, possibly artificial, as
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tudes of polymorphonuclear leucocytes, a few swollen
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blood-letting, and that it will bring on inflammation of the lungs, scurvy,
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surface. They are probably continuous throughout with each other,
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glands throughout the body are not enlarged. No evidence of