Properties. — A clear, yellowish liquid, having the odorof phosphorus^

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Of the remedies that have been employed in diphtheria, two only

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is preeminently the best purgative for horses, but does not

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3. Stimulation of the accelerator apparatus causes an increase in

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drachms of prussic acid saturated with potassium cyanide,

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Edmunds got an interview with Mr. Humphreys on Friday night.

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Nevertheless, expectorants are useful in altering the character

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the ventricles; medulla oblongata covered with deposit of yellowish

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Pupil. — The pupil of the horse is widely dilated by

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miction. In poisoning, the pulse is weak, irregular and inter-

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be given every two hours. After this, the deposit separated from

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§ Charles Bell. Illusti-ations of the great operations of surgery. London. 1821. Pages

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The surface of the country, for twenty-five miles around Newbern,

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allowed in the hospitals of Europe, recover speedily; and, compar-