pared under the auspices of a decennial voluntary convention,

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The Council holds its meetings on the last Thursday in

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With the etiology and pathology and various changes in mind the

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J. Eichberg uses no cold baths, and calls the Brand method

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error, not only doctrinal, but of great practical importance. Just

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of laws requiring compulsory vaccination while in others the

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circulation arose, viz., distress and dyspnoea, especially in the evening

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be up, his paralysis much better, and making great efforts at speech.

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The Auxiliary, working through its county societies, will

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casts, intolerable headache, and tenacious vomiting, and appar-

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Again, in cases of aphonia, where the vocal cords are

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and the air should be kept in constant motion so that the layers of air

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expiratory flow in the midexpiratory phase, and nonspecific

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She was then put under an alterative course, combined with diuretics.

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short step to removal of the healthy lens for the cure of myopia,

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depending upon her occupation and mental labor, anxieties,

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charitable), or malicious misrepresentation, — it is possible

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for she said she could ndt use her feet; but the driver

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cies we modified, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, is found naturally

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production of the internal secretion. Cohnheim's experi-

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women," " neurasthenia gravis," in cases presenting pro-

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surgical cleanliness as if a laparotomy were anticipated. The armamentarium

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were found by him in the samples of August 24. These samples

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Serlew, in the Oalstonian lectures for 188A. Badiche from bis calculations, and Vierordt from independent obserra*