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Phthisis. — As one death in eight is attributed by the Registrar-
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lastly, both in epidemic and in non-epidemic times, groups of cases are
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Pepperell Insane Asylum.— Br. Cutter's private asylum for the re-
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^hich could very rarely occur, of trying both methods of operating on
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In addition to the above symptomatic treatment two drugs may be
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the day. The tincture is made by macerating, for a quarter of an hour,
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surgeons, 1 think you will 6nd that the general impression is, that cancer
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and power, and become feeble and thready, a mild stimulant should be
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and is an outcast, partly as a matter of necessity, and partly from choice.
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cytes, and saw that once outside the vessels they moved actively, but
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be conveyed by a third person. The disease is not uncommon in patients
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and, conversely, the atrophy and paralysis may improve considerably
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infective powers. If they retain both their vitality and virulence, then,
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tional symptom in cases of cancer falling under his notice ?
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the precepts of logic and common-sense are not to be altogether forgotten.
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and notice taken if there be any regurgitation of liquid through the nose.
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during recent times, and a short summary may here be given of the most
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wholly fulfilling these conditions — made, that is to say, upon trans-
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account of its great depressing effect, and after several trials I was not
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especially membranous sore throat is common; it may be caused by