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bination, as in the above pill, has a tendency to prevent any gastric or intes-

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The immediate cause of Baron Larrey's calling the attention

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You give ergot, and the desired result may ensue, but it may not ; you

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axis of the compression cylinder is tilted upward (cephalad)

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that phosphorus as well as nitrogen assimilation requires the assistance

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Comments. — This case furnishes an example of enlarge-

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If these essential points are carefully followed, the operator

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Treatment. As to treatment, arsenic, while it has apparently bene-

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been damaged beyond recovery by the toxic property of the

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Manson^ states that "lymi)h stasis alone does not produce

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sclerosis). In one case a clinical diagnosis of "possible myocarditis"

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detected by the patient's finger within the rectum.

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It has already been shown anatomically that the so-called

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nier (I'.) De r6th6risatiou. Gaz. ni6<l. de Strasb., 1895,