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pathologists have fallen into the error of considering the cancerous
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During the acute stage the chief elements of treatment are rest
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by enabling me to observe three striking examples of the disease, all of Mhich
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temperature surely sufficient to destroy the pathogenic bacteria,
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domen, and the hernia could not be returned even by a surgeon; the symptoms
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sence of both the iodine and the iron can be readily detected in the urine. The
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of the bronchioles. Juergensen 3 believes that long-standing bron-
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"Comments on the Broader Issues of the Psychoanalytic Move-
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water through the oxygen of the inspired air. As this theory does not render it
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ation. The same thing is true though to a less extent of the patients
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lesions could heal in part or entirely. It was shown that the healing
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peculiar; as seen through the mucous membrane, it gave me the idea of albumen
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the white troops of the West Indies, it may be fairly inferred that these dis-
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1892. Smith, Theobald B., South St., Forest Hills, Boston.
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Conclusions. Anaphylactic shock in the dog, caused by the
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development, especially when there is an epidemic tendency to the affection.
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Hepatogenous Theory. The principal tenet of this unsatis-
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to ti>e true syphilitic chancre, as described by Mr. Hunter. From a fortnight
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Medical Society, at their Annual Meeting, May 27th, 1835. By Jacob Hige-
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out to the barn-yard; we there found the after-birth and a quantity of
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In the chronic cases we know that remissions may occur quite inde-
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lobes of the right lung were filled with small tubercles, and these lobes were
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tense and retracted; costivcness; muscles of abdomen and convex, or left side
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early stages, for we find in early cases far more frequently the
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More properly speaking, the lesion was necrotic tuberculosis (" tuberculide) ;
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organs, which are obviously referrible to an " increased, a diminished, or a
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