in various stages of segmentation. If feces may here be added that in early literature

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For Practical Intestinal Antisepsis. An Odorless Substitute for Iodoform.

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float. Under these circumstances, the intestinal sound will be ab-

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Stomatitis and glossitis are rarely observed. The pharynx

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ments. Even small animals, such as cats and rats, which fre-

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lungs are more regular on account of the catarrhal inflamma-

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ing the sedative action manifest when the inhalation is commenced,

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inclined to insist on a plan by which, we think, much can be ac-

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hepatized tissue acts as a foreign body and The majority of cough-mixtures contain

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relieved by the bleeding, occasioned by the catheter, and by the

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mata are characterized by their sudden appearance, and often

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flesh. The myocardium shows similar spotted changes, and

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about the colourless corpuscles being "said sometimes to collect,

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,1 ^^J,.a., VV...XL..V., ^....^wii, Non-irritating, Li<

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borhood of the prostate, and a very considerable quantity of blood

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from agar cultures they resist drying from five to eight days. The dif-

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Symptoms : Great heat of skin, but some moisture; head painful;

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Irish girl, who came in with fever, for which she was treated with

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without flinching ; but for young children the application of

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that the depression and coDgestion will be temporary, and of easy

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in turkeys. Circular No. 5, U. S. Bureau of Aniinal Industry. 1896.

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ginary casualty. It is a fact well known to physicians, that cases are

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one having an answer at hand, nor, indeed, as being able myself

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had nurse to aid the little patient to retain does well. Continued last prescriptions

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cause she would be too feeble to undergo the operation.

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able for infection of its tissues. I will from an old-time case of cramp colic — (the

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my general and local health seemed much improved. From the

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impressed on the practitioner that oxalate of lime crystals can

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ence of its product. Informed of the above facts, the careful phy-

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tongue, and breath, and slow feeble respiration, in congestive cases ;

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grain measures yield 20 grains of bright yellowish brown brittle

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cations for thymol are "excessive debility, the dosage of the extract as 4 to 8 grams

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against subsequent infections, and given an abundance of

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Southack and Janeway. A paper by Dr. Flint on an analysis

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with albumen. In a week he was able to walk about and ride

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fered with, and that a good firm union takes place between the

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1. RiDEAL. Disinfectants and disinfection. London. 1895.

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septicaemia as they would if they had not been protected against