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The reasons alleged above for the discontinuance of the "Abstract"
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hospitalization. He was comatose on admission and re-
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the open-air treatment for tubercular patients. — The Live Stock
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ture of Gall-Bladder and its excretory ducts. — Biliary Fistula.
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use, as a gargle, of a mixture known in the House Pharmacopoeia
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This bronchiole terminates abruptly at the point where
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almost every instance in which the rule can be carried out with-
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This year I have had a remarkable series of ringworm of the
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ment. It is rarely seen in the laboring population unconnec-
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of the nasal passages, which open up again as the dyspna-a ceases.
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Treatment of Neuralgia. — Dr. Green reports in the
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rapid pulse, bright red mucous membranes, a clear eye, and
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Robert William Taylor, M. D., New York City, Professor of Dis-