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Univ. of Md. and the Coll. of P. and S., Bait., 1912.

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the limb just above and ju.st below the joint. The necessai-j- movements are

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Etiology. — It is more common in males than in females.

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in vogue in veterinary practice, they have become recognized

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authorities in the cities and towns near which our camps are located or through

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Of 2038 cases examined by Welch with reference to this point, 75 per cent,

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sented the following lists of candidates for the two 'vacant

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diathesis. Indications of tubercle, in the pulmonary tissues especially,

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even of wide-spread muscular atrophy, which may bear great resemblance to

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nasal passages lends anatomical weight to the a^ment.

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Doubtless our readers have long ere this, heard and read of the won-

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million of dollars. This would make it perfectly easy

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dust in the majority of dwellings, especially those occupied

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times amounting to 2,000,000 of corpuscles, and over

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bottom, on the other side with a larger tube, which was

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exist independent of phthisis. At once the indications

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found accompanied with, and greatly aggravating the nausea and vomit-

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' Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, February, 1893.

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study. The others were discarded on account of the presence of

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some of our opponents, who take the credit of having

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the tonsils undergo gradual hypertrophy, and form indolent tumours, which

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cftses. This is the result of my own observation in the numerous cases which I have had an

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likely to prove of great value in cases of malignant pustule,

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electricity, not in all cases of vomiting, but selected

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ago the late Joseph Leidy of Philadelphia, in a slice of

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