due to a form of chronic inflammation in the orbital portion

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heart, which greatly restricts its use and renders it in-

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any such legislation will prove worse than useless l)y giving

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phthisis, leaving a widow with three sons and two daughters. The eldest

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command: 1. Double time, 2. MARCH, may be given; only those units

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victed of a violation of fiftieth, fifty-first, or fifty-second sections of this article,

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which are brought to our notice. Palliative treatment

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Superficial wonnds in animals become rapidly desiccated, and cicatrization is performed in

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more frequently than they entirely disappear, remain in a certain stage of their

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the plan recommended by Dr. Braxton Hicks and Dr. Barnes. In that

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Exercises a specific alterative action on the uterine tissues, a general tonic influence on tlie Pelvic

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have been begun early enough, such symptoms will seldom occur.

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worthy conclusions for clinical purposes only by means

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states that, if there be extreme atrophy in a case of palsy, the observer may

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sists mainly in combating symptoms, digitalis is as a rule not indicated.

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Glycone, which is readily and easily removed. By simply pressing upon

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the sclerotic process to the vital centres ; but the fatal result is often dhe

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Excepting that F. diurna appears in the blood during the day it

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referred, could be frequently detected during life in acute

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liver, and, rarely, cirrhosis, fulminant hepatic necrosis, and hepatoma, anorexia, vomiting

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Proteins, basal metabolism of dwarfs and legless men, with observations on