scarcely breathing. At one time I thought her dead, as she did not

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as manifested, first, by a feeling of comfort, as against a pre-

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advisable, however, that he should continue the treatment which

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infective agents in milk, with the effect of heat on the constituents of milk.

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nervous system, by adopting all those methods which experience

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Philadelphia, Penn., recommended by Drs. Lusk, Clark, and Truax.

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States. 12 A soldier was struck in the thigh by a conoidal bullet

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outer one, which is homogeneous and of a lighter colour, as the ectoplasma.

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side could not be similarly accounted for. I said to myself : — The

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was absolutely no bleeding. The child left the table

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that the question of the justifiability of the operation

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explanation does not cover, or only partly covers, all those cases

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to those who can some day solve the nephritis problem. In the mean-

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to you for nine months at $2.50 a month, at the end

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thrown across the shaft, and both the radius and ulna being

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Tbe post-mortem examination showed that the ankle joint was perfectly

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pects ahead. Would you like to be in a business that will

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Case 1st, of version during labor, occurred in a prim-

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York 5, Baltimore 3, New Bedford 2. From scarlet fever Xew

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zontal meridian of the cornea, and, as this meridian has a regular curvature

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Bogs curl themselves up to rest, but move uneasily or

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and in relative size of cell to nucleus are sufficiently great to

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senses of pain and temperature are undoubtedly lost much more readily

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become more marked, the stomach becomes irritable, and the

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artificial injection will distend the ventricle to a much

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