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following day, Monday, patient had no abdominal symptoms

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disease primarily affecting the medulla oblongata, and to the symptoms

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tinuous basal insulin infusion offers more in certain patientsii

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1905, shows that he has grasped the very point which I wish you to

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be attributed to the increase in the salivary secretion. On the

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appeared long after the other symptoms, hence it was evi-

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I think, that is frequently overlooked. I remember a remarkable case

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mislead those who hear or read our statements. It is not only

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and respect ; all the while religiously and persistently aiming

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Case XXIX. was remarkable for the obscurity of its clinical history. It was

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septischer Fuerperal processe," Ccntralbl. f. Gynak., Leipzig, 1896, No. 17.

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feedback to one or more of the others, affecting its release or

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himself to a method of questioning and cross-examina-

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the abscess, permitting the capsule to remain ; by this

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2. Clein, N. W. : Allergy and the tonsil problem in children.

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weight per hour. The second patient had recently shown a trace of

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the disease is so widely diffused that it may be said to be pandemic.

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stimulation produces a measurable result C09). It is entirely

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R. M. Merrill — American Doctoral Dissertations in the

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other joint surface of the femur, the motion is that of a

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ground, and be provided with side pieces, as in Pig. 220,

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and an evening rise to 101° or 102°. Quinine and iron were beins con-

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tees and protects by proper legislation. Second, the

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teen times the relative amount of acetonitrile fatal to the control.

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